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CV-Resume | Stuart Falconer

Stuart Falconer


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  • 2014,Television, Mr Gardner Business Man, FRIED, BBC 3, Luke Snellin
  • 2014,Television, Drunkard/Heckler, OUTLANDER EPISODE 14, Startz / Sony Pictures, Metin Hüseyin
  • 2014,Television, Food Stall Inspector, THE MILLIE SHOW, C Beebies, Fraser McDonald
  • 2014,Television, Abusive Public person, COP SQUAD, Comedy Unit BBC 1 Scotland
  • 2013,Television, McLaughlin Sheriffs Officer, RIVER CITY, BBC 1 Scotland, Fiona Wilson
  • 2012,Television, Stall Holder, BURNISTON, BBC Comedy Unit, Ian Davidson
  • 2012,Television, Charlie, BOB SERVANT INDEPENDANT, BBC 1 Scotland, Annie Griffin, Simmone Hynde
  • 2011,Television, Mr Canavagh Loss Adjuster, RIVER CITY, BBC 1 Scotland, Stuart Davids
  • 2009,Television, University Lecturer, HOW NOT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE, BBC 3, Martin Dennis
  • 2009, Television, Mr Toner, RIVER CITY, BBC 1 Scotland, Jim Shield


  • 2011, Feature Film, Lamp Lighter, BURKE AND HARE, Fragile Films, John Landis
  • 2009, Feature Film, Billy Ablett EX Irish Terrorist, BARBARIANS AT THE GATE, Counter Intelligence Films, Tony Hailstones
  • 2009, Feature Film, Workmate, LIFE GOES ON, Aficianado Films, Allen De Pellette


  • 2014, Short Film, Bernard, ART, Shoogly Peg Productions Ltd, Marc Twynholm
  • 2014, Short Film, Malcolm, TURNING TIDES, Rule 1 Films, Andrew Muir
  • 2010, Short Film, Mckean Glasgow Rangers FC Manager, THE AKENANTON OF IBROX, Akenanton Films, Chas Whatmore
  • 2009, Short Film, Professor Thornbank, COLD SORE, Cold sores Productions, Douglas Wills/David Mackenzie
  • 2008, Short Film, Robert, PRODIGAL, Smoorns Fims, Stephen Mitchell
  • 2008, Short Film, Eddie, THE HOUSE, The Northern Film school, Gemma Ovens
  • 2008,Short Film, Teacher, HER DOWNFALL, EMPS, Ammy Hawes
  • 2008, Short Film, Soldier, THE LAST SUPPER, Analogue Films, Filip Syczynski


  • 2015, Stage, Wee Ally, THE RINGER, The Gate, Pete Martin
  • 2014, Stage, Lord Capulet, ROMEO AND JULIET, Hipshot Theatre, Chris Taylor
  • 2013, Stage, PC Tootun palace guard, ALLADIN, NLP Theatre, Lee Samuels/ Scott Kyle
  • 2011, Stage, Friar Laurence, ROMEO AND JULIET, Stowaways Theatre company, Dave Bennet
  • 2010, Stage, Sergeant Major, Gangsters Hitman, STATISTICS, Hipshot Theatre company, Chris Taylor


  • 2011,Commercial, participant, POSTCODE LOTTERY, STV Creative
  • 2010, Commercial, Dad, PARTY POLITICAL ADD, Rogue Films, Jackie Oudney
  • 2010, Commercial, Man In Flat, MTZO DESIGN FITNESS PRODUCTS, 11/17 Productions, Craig Lynn
  • 2009, Commercial, Football supporter, CARLING LAGER, Rattling Stick Films, Austin Humphries


  • 2011, Corporate, Mr Hughes Hospital Consultant, CLINICAL NEGLIGENCE, EX Anima Ltd, Sarmid Mizra


  • 2014, Voice Over, Various, OUTLANDER EPISODE 1 AND 2, Startz / Sony Pictures, John

Click to view my Spotlight CV